Ângela Baptista is a Portuguese visual artist, whose work ranges from painting and etching to digital art. Since experiencing with digital art, it has become her focus, blending the digital possibilities with her imagination. Her current art results from a mix of research and art creation on thematic of her interest, where the current one focus on the state of surveillance capitalism which befalls upon us.

Studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts from the University of Porto

Present Events

Past Events

6 Jully – 10 July 2022

Exhibition of the series of etchings “Sustainability of our Oceans” at Acampamento 1.5, Melides, Grândola

23 Oct. – 21 Nov. 2021

Award – Distinction Àrvore das Virtudes

Exhibition of the Video Hypernormalization
Escola Artística e Profissional Árvore
Porto, Portugal

20 Sept. 2021

Speaker and Presentation of Hypernormalisation at A.R.T: Symposium
Groningen, Netherlands