Invading Nature I, 2019
Oil and oil pastels on canvas
100 cm x 50 cm
Invading Nature II, 2019
Oil on canvas
80 cm x 160 cm
Invading Nature III, 2020
30 cm x 30 cm
Oil on canvas

A series of tree painting recreating a clean and modern interior space. The main focus is displayed on nature, every painting has a window opened to an exterior view, and an interior contaminated by it. The private atmosphere is being invaded by nature’s proclamation of survival.

of its own

In the contemporary world there is a greater distant in the relationship between man and nature, the destruction is seen as needed for human lives. As nature is demolished for the creation of cities, industries and crops, the human-nature bond is shattered, through our windows all we see are buildings and pollution is all we breathe. We tamed nature, and we bring it inside our homes as a reminder of the now distant natural world, though plants, canvas, or photos.

Though these tree paintings, we can read a sequence, the spaces are getting darker as our future is more bleak than ever. An intrusive light guides our eyes though the interiors that are getting more and more consumed by nature. Most notoriously on “Nature III”, the pallet of colour withstands this flow, more brown, red and blue tones evoking this destruction and melting of human and nature worlds together. Aiming to represent the power and necessity of nature and the urgency to nourish it.